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 Welcome to Exeter High School

Exeter High School is a comprehensive secondary school nestled in the Tamar Valley, 20 km from Launceston.
We offer students the opportunity for academic challenge and personal development in grades 7-10.
We personalise each child's education through a number of different support programs. A full range of subjects are offered as options in grades 7,8, 9 and 10 which are studied in conjunction with English, Health and Wellbeing, Mathematics, Science and Society and History.
At Exeter High School we are a community of learners and have high expectations of achievement and performance for all of our students and staff. We acknowledge and celebrate our successes and achievements.
Exeter High School ensures a safe and supportive learning environment in partnership with parents, teachers and the wider community to deliver outstanding educational programs and services. We design personalised learning opportunities for all students in order for them to be successful learners. Our school promotes excellence and provides opportunities for students to develop their skills, knowledge and values by building their resilience and empowering them to make informed choices in a changing world.
Core Teaching Model
In response to issues identified in our school by parents, students, staff and the community, research of best practice was carried out and a new teaching and learning model was introduced in 2017. The model is based on the research from Vic Zbar on orderly learning environments and the ideas of Andrew Seaton which provide a framework for us to implement the Australian Curriculum.
The features of a Core Teaching Model are:
·       Students are in one room for two thirds of their week to study their Core subjects (English, Maths, Science and Society-History).
·       Ownership of the room is developed.
·       Students belongings are stored in the core room.
·       Strong relationships are a feature including a 3-way partnership between the student, parent and core teacher.
·       Students spend more time with fewer teachers, minimising movement around the school and maximising learning time.
Students will also study Health and Physical Education as well as optional subjects.
Expectations, Behaviour & Uniform
We have high expectations of student achievements, behaviour and uniform. These standards are constantly improving.  I encourage any community members who want to discuss more about our school to contact or visit us via the main office.
Academically, students at Exeter High are performing strongly against measured national and state benchmarks in literacy and numeracy.  In 2016 Exeter High School had five students achieve results that were in the Top 1% in the state, more than any other public high school in Launceston and the surrounding areas.
Some outstanding aspects of our school include:
Stable, fully qualified and highly competent staff who have very high expectations for our students and their learning through:
·         Knowing all of our students well (Building Quality Relationships).
·         Catering for all students by differentiating learning to meet individual needs.
·         Using achievement data to understand where students are in their learning and how to move them forward.
·         Having a thorough knowledge of their subject content, scope and the sequence of learning required, skills and expected learning outcomes.
·         Encouraging students to take greater responsibility for their own learning.
·         Providing constant and timely feedback to encourage success.
At Exeter High School our teachers endeavour to develop productive relationships with all students - they get to know them and take particular interest in their overall development and progress. Teachers treat students with respect and expect the same in return. Our teachers understand that students learn in different ways and work hard on differentiating learning so the needs of all students are meet.
Quality curriculum meeting the needs of all students including a full range of courses:
·         Compulsory subjects in Grades 7-10 – Maths, English, Science, Society-History and Health and Physical Education.
·         Additional compulsory subjects in Grade 7 – Art, Music, Drama, Food, Design Technology and Textiles .
·         Some of our Optional subjects include: Grades 8-10 – Art, Music, Drama, Foods, Design Technology, Computer Applications, Languages, Advanced Maths, Extended Maths, Automotive Studies, Child Studies, Photography, Sport and Recreation.
·         Tutor Support Programs.
·         Flexible Programs.
There are a number of extra opportunities for students such as involvement in Arts Evening, Deloraine Drama Festival, Grade Camps, Science and Engineering Challenge, Cows Create Careers, Science Week, WotOpera, Courtesy Student, Pierre de Coubertin, Literacy and Numeracy Mentors, Cattle Handling, Interstate and Overseas trips, School Socials, Extension Competitions, Leadership opportunities (SLC, SRC, TSO), and the MARSSS program.
Students at Exeter High School have many opportunities to be involved in sports teams through participation in the Northern High School Sports Association roster in football, netball, soccer and basketball.
We offer a comprehensive Health and Physical Education program which includes exposure to specialised activities such as abseiling, rock climbing, golf, archery and optional involvement in the All Schools Triathlon Challenge.
Our achievements at Inter-high carnivals are consistently outstanding and highlight our strength as a school community when competing against much larger schools in Division 1 competitions. Students also take their sporting talents beyond the school and have gained great success representing the state in various sports.
Orderly Learning Environments
At Exeter High School we want to ensure that our young people have the very best of opportunities to lay the foundations for a good life.  We want our school to be a place where every student must be able to learn without interruption from others and every teacher must be able to teach without interruption from others.  We have four very clear Goals for Success that determine how everyone is expected to focus at our school:
·         Being in uniform
·         Being prepared and organised for learning
·         Speaking respectfully
·         Behaving respectfully
We have four very clear School Values that determine how everyone is expected to focus at our school:
·         Respect
·         Learning
·         Maturity
·         Acceptance
Active Community Involvement:-
ANZAC Day Service
Students participating in work placements thanks to the support of local businesses
Participating with the Primary School in Science Week
Hosting the Junior Science and Engineering Challenge
Students working with Mentors
High parent involvement and communication especially through relationships developed and a commitment to work with the school to improve students learning from our School Association.
In conclusion, we are excited about the opportunities that 2018 brings through the implementation of our changes and we look forward to working with families on continuing to provide students with a 21st Century education.
Benjamin Frerk




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